How To Get 2+ New Listings Per Month Using Our TRIS Method™️

We personally work with you to navigate a scientific results based sales process to drive results to you and your business using human behavior and psychology.

No matter where you are in your real estate career, Vikram has helped hundreds of agents close more deals, book more appointments, overcome their fears around prospecting and has helped many of his clients have their best years ever, year after year.

We give you the exact playbook for just about every situation you are currently losing deals to now.

You'll have full access and training to our Billion Dollar Listing Appointment, our Open House Playbook, the Buyer Agency Playbook, the Expired Playbook and more.

So in every situation you are in, you will know exactly what to do to win.

Our entire program is laid out in a step by step, word for word process that makes it easy for new or experienced agents to plug it in to their business to get more listings and buyers now.

Our friends at Sheridan St. who make 1000's of calls a week for agents, ran the numbers, less than 5% of agents ask for an appointment.

When they were polled and asked why, it was always the same 3 answers:

1. We felt salesy

2. Even though we had the script we lacked confidence to deliver it

3. We never even got a chance to ask. Before the call started the prospect hung up on us

Learn how we solve this for our clients, who are winning even in this market

Trust, Rapport, Influence Sales Method™ (TRIS)


The post-covid, AI consumer has changed and our industry hasn't fully caught.

Without first building trust with our prospects, we are just like every other sales person and agent calling them.

This triggers sales resistance and that creates objections and being ghosted.

By learning the skills that work with Human Psychology, you won't be guessing anymore about why or what you say. It's all science based and backed.


In the post-COVID world, rapport comes with trust.

By learning how to first build trust, we can now incorporate all the rapport-building questions into our talk tracks and frameworks seamlessly to continue developing deep relationships with prospects.

Our clients are able to do this in just minutes of meeting a new prospect, even with someone angry, like a FSBO or Expired.


Influence is a word thrown around without context by traditional sales trainers; however, Vikram has studied human behavior with the best in the industry, such as Tony Robbins, Sharran Srivatsaa, Jeremy Miner. He is NLP certified and knows that influence comes with trust and rapport.

By using his Conscious Communication™ method, conscious tonality, listening, and questions, you will learn to understand your prospect's every need, and more importantly, teach them to understand their needs and problems.

Now, you can influence them to solve their problems.

The Framework That Helps Our Clients Build Trust, Rapport, Influence

& 2x Their Buyer & Seller Client & Deal Flow

Step 1: Tonality

The fist part of our program is to learn about why we trigger prospects in the first 30 seconds of a conversation. Contrary to training, being excited actually, now, triggers your prospect. The tone of your voice triggers either "fight or flight" in your prospects or sales-person or not.

Think about a young kid needing a bathroom vs wanting ice cream. Their tone dicates how they ask and so should yours.

Once we tackle this, your prospects won't feel they need to guard themselves and have that knee jerk response to getting off the phone.

Step 2: Pace

Pace- The speed of delivery, the speed in which you talk.

Are you like most of our clients a fast talker? Always on the move, trying to get through your calls as quick as possible?

Well, again the speed at which we speak tells the prospect who we are. Sales people tend to talk fast.

Fast talking does 2 things:

1. Creates sales resistance

2. Doesn't allow prospects to digest what you even said.

When this happens they go again to "fight or flight" mode and want to get you out of the house, off the phone or just block your # and never talk to you again.

Step 3: Conversational

The 3rd myth that is causing you to lose tens of thousands of dollars every month is you were taught to sell like you were on stage which makes you feel robotic.

We teach you how to be conversational and have "conversations" with your prospects.

No one likes to be talked to, to feel like their being interrogated or to feel like they are in a sales process.

By learning inside our RE Sales Academy how to be more conversational it allows the prospects to relax and lower their guard, which then allows you to actually help them do what you do best.

What Our Clients Say


Vikram is an expert in sales, communication, and real estate. He has racked up numerous sales achievements, to name a few.

- 4th Grade Jog-a-thon record breaker ($5200)

- $2 Million in Cutco sales

- 1,000's of wellness membership sales

- $140 Million in Expired Sales and listings

- $250 Million + in Home Sales

He coaches entrepreneurs and real estate agents on making more sales using human psychology and behavior to not trigger sales resistance. Vikram's mission is to help 100,000 real estate agents experience passion and exuberant energy in both their personal and professional lives.

He is the founder of the Real Estate Sales Academy, where the mission is to be the #1 real estate training company in the world, and he is the Co-Host of the RE Agent podcast.

Vikram's expertise has been featured on dozens of podcasts, Thrive Global, Cover of Realtor Magazine, Inman, and many other business publications.

His personal passions include biohacking, living a nomadic life, cycling across the globe, and personal development.


1. What’s included in your programs?

Full access to our comprehensive online course utilizing human behavior, covering objection handling and prevention. You'll also receive our script builder templates, the $1 billion listing presentation outline co-created with Sharran Srivatsaa, how to get the buyer agency playbook in 2024, and our playbooks to call expireds, FSBOs, door knocking, circle prospecting, and more.

Tonality reviews, call reviews, script reviews, and more.

Live access to Vikram is available through group or 1-on-1 coaching calls.

Custom solutions are available for teams and companies, which can include in-person and weekend deep dives. cost.

  1. What makes your coaching program unique?

    We start with human psychology and a deep understanding of why humans behave the way they do, building everything around that.

    Every level of training has a minimum of 1 live group training per week to get you leveled up quickly.

    Our more advanced training solutions have access to 4-7 trainings a week. Many of our competitors' flagship programs meet once a week at most; however, what we found from a deep study of agents and the brain is that repetition is the mother of all new skill-building.

  1. How long are the training programs?

    The majority of our live programs and group training/coaching last for 6 months.

    Portal to access for TRIS course is up to 12 months and all updates during those 6 months are included as market dynamics shift.

    One-on-one solutions start at 3 months and go up to 12 months.

    Custom solutions are available, including speaking events, in-person team/brokerage trainings, and weekend deep dive sessions.

    Inquire within.

  1. I have tried other companies and didn't get the results I wanted. How will I know if this will work for me?

There are far too many agents who don’t know what the right next step is.

We provide that for those agents in our programs.

For those agents who want to know what to say, how to say it, and are willing to show up for their future selves to put in the work, the program works, 99.9%.

And for those agents (in our live programs) who do the work, show up at least half the time and don’t get the results they were looking for, we extend the online portal free of charge for an additional 6 months as a gift because we all learn at different speeds.

  1. Do you offer personalized scripts for my market and team?

Yes. In our platinum program, we offer customized script building for our clients.

  1. I am newer to the business, will this help me?

Absolutely! We give you a step-by-step solution so you know exactly what to say and how to confidently deliver it


We have worked with 10-year agents who still don’t have a buyer or seller presentation built and ‘wing it,’ but this won’t be your situation.

Good training is essential for all salespeople. Our foundation builds on trust, using human psychology so you win the deal, not get hung up on and ghosted.

  1. I am an experienced agent and team lead, would your system be right for us?

Yes. The simple truth is that most agents and even team leads we have found by our research are not utilizing communication as effectively as they could. Tone, conscious listening and question asking and frameworks.

  1. I don't have leads, do you train on this?

    Certainly, we provide training on finding and converting leads, covering various methods like open houses, expired calling, basic training on social media, and online leads, plus more...

  1. How does working with human behavior help me with selling?

All humans are drawn to making a change from either a place of pain or pleasure. Understanding how humans respond to tonality, questions, and pain or pleasure is the basis for helping them to make a change.

Buying or selling a home is one of the most difficult decisions for a prospect. The process of moving is daunting as is the process.

Add in the complexities, legalities, and costs makes this the most complicated transaction most humans will experience. By understanding this, we have created our programs to help you, help your prospects.

Our step-by-step approach turns you into the advisor and not the pushy salesperson like other agents in your market.

  1. How do I learn more about your training program and what’s the cost?

    Book a jam session with one of our experts and, based on your specific goals, they will be able to guide you properly.

TRESA Partners

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